Weatherization enables low-income families to reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. Homes are tightened from heat and cold at no charge.

Weatherization qualifications:
  1. 200% of federal poverty guidelines (1 person: $21,660+ 7,480 for each additional member)

  2. Households are served by priority:
    • Senior w/disability
    • 60+ Senior
    • Disabled Native American
    • Household with children less than the age of six

  3. All other low income Owners and Renters (with/landlord permission) - Frame and Mobile

If you meet the income requirements and are approved for weatherization assistance services, your home will be evaluated to identify the most effective energy and dollar saving improvements which can be made. The amount of money that can be spent on each home is limited, so all of the improvements listed below may not be made in each home.

Possible Improvements:
  • Add insulation to the attic, walls and/or floors. If insulation is added, holes may be drilled in the siding and vents may be added to the roof. RESULT: The amount of heat loss through the walls, ceilings and floors will be reduced.
  • Perform an efficiency inspection on natural gas, propane and fuel oil furnaces, boilers and water heaters. RESULT: More heat will be gained from the same amount of fuel used.
  • Replace broken glass in primary windows. RESULT: The amount of cold air coming in will be reduced.
  • Install or adjust door weather-stripping, thresholds, and/or door sweeps. RESULT: The amount of cold air coming in will be reduced.

After the improvements are made, you should notice the following: An increase in comfort—reduced drafts and a more even temperature throughout your home. Your heating and cooling bills should be reduced. You should need less energy to heat and cool your home.

Available in Butler, Fillmore, Gage, Jefferson, Polk, Saline, Seward, Thayer and York Counties. For more information or to receive an application contact your local BVCA Partnership Center or contact the Weatherization Coordinator at (402) 729-2278. To apply online click here.

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