Visit our Head Start or Early Head Start pages for detailed information about how to apply and who qualifies for tuition-free childhood education.

If you are looking for preschool services that extend beyond daycare and serve the whole family, contact a local Head Start center, or fill out an application.

For individuals ages 55 and over, the Foster Grandparent Program provides opportunities for “volunteers” to go into the classroom and work one on one with children who need extra support. Volunteers receive an hourly stipend and mileage reimbursement in addition to monthly Inservices and engagement.  

We often hire teachers for our Head Start Program as well.

The Infant Toddler Initiative Program or the Early Head Start and Head Start Programs can help you find a list of local early childhood education programs to help with your childcare needs.

Food & Nutrition

1) Your purple ID card if you are an existing participant. If this is your first visit a valid state or government issued photo ID or social security card.

2) Proof of your monthly income for the entire household. This could be paystubs for the past 30 days of everyone who is working in the home, W2’s or self employment ledgers. If you are participating in Nebraska SNAP or Medicaid, bring those cards with you.

3) Proof of your current physical address (no PO boxes). This could be a piece of mail postmarked in the last 30 days or a utility bill showing the physical address.

4) Proof of pregnancy if applicable. This could be a signed note from your doctor, lab results from a certified lab or a recent ultrasound picture. We can not accept a picture of a positive OTC pregnancy test.

5) Any children under the age of 5 years and a proof of ID for each. ID could be a birth certificate or social security card. If the child participates in Nebraska Medicaid, bring the blue/white or grey/white medicaid card with you.

If you have questions regarding what to bring to your appointment please call our WIC clinic, English: 402-587-0706 or Spanish: 402-641-1799

1) WIC allows only certain brands, sizes, quantities and flavors of food items to be purchased with participant benefits. Make sure you are trying to purchase exactly what is stated on the WIC Approved Food List.

2) WIC can not reimburse a participant for items purchased with their own money or SNAP benefits. You have the right to request the non-covered item to be removed from your total before you pay for any item out of pocket.

WIC is a supplemental nutrition program in which the food benefits received are meant to supplement the family’s current source of nutrition. WIC benefits are not intended to provide the only source of nutrition each month. In certain circumstances WIC is able to add formula to participants’ benefits when mothers are switching from mostly or exclusively breastfeeding to not breastfeeding. If you are having trouble with food insecurity please contact your WIC office for other options that may be available.

If you forgot your PIN, locked your PIN, or you need to change your PIN, call 1 (844) 386-3151.

  • If you entered the wrong PIN four times in a row, your PIN will be locked until midnight.
  • You may also call your WIC clinic during business hours if you need to unlock your PIN.

You can check your balance in several ways.

  • Use the “My Benefits” option in the WICShopper app to view your current benefits.
  • Call the automated phone line at (844) 386-3151.
  • Check your last shopping receipt.
  • Ask a cashier to print a WIC food benefit balance at the store before you shop.
  • Go online to www.ebtedge.com. 

Any unused benefits will expire on the last day of the month.

  • The cashier will scan your items. You may use coupons, store loyalty cards and discounts.
  • When the cashier tells you, swipe the eWIC card and enter the PIN. eWIC must be the FIRST payment.
  • Ask the cashier what food was bought with WIC. If there is a food you want removed, ask the cashier to remove it.
  • Complete the transaction by approving your WIC purchase and pay for any remaining balance with another form of payment. Once a WIC food has been bought, it cannot be returned to the store.
  • Keep your receipt! It has your remaining WIC food benefit balance.

We have a food pantry in every BVCA county as well as various mobile food pantries: 

  • Feeding America distributions 
  • SNAP application services
  • Food Vouchers
  • Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP – for seniors ages 60 and over)

Emergency Services

We offer homeless prevention and emergency services in qualifying situations.

We offer shelter assistance, where available, and connection to the statewide Coordinated Entry System to connect homeless individuals and families to appropriate housing opportunities.


Owner-occupied housing units only

Must meet Weatherization income guidelines or received energy assistance from LIHEAP during the same year as the application

Have heating/cooling system that has had repairs/replacement verified from a qualified HVAC technician

Under extreme heat/cold the process can be expedited by phone bids. In more fair weather months our regular bidding process must be used.

Weatherization is an income based program. The income threshold is 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. For a one person household the limit is $25,760 and it increases $9,080 for each additional household member. Applicants who receive SSI or LIHEAP energy assistance automatically qualify.

Once a home is weatherized it cannot be weatherized through our program for another 15 years.

Since Weatherization is an energy efficiency program, we can only work on the things that will save the household the most energy.

After the application is approved, the house is put onto the waiting list and depending on funding, crew/contractor schedule, availability of materials, etc. it could take anywhere from 2-6 months to receive services.

The HOP program assists first-time home buyers with down payment assistance and/or closing costs.

The down payment assistance funds are a referred loan with no interest accrual and no payments required for the first five years; beginning in year six, the loan accrues interest at 3% with monthly payments due.

If the home is sold prior to repayment of the loan, the entire amount loaned must be repaid at the time of the sale.

Housing Counseling assists individuals in becoming mortgage ready through pre-purchase homebuyer education and one-on-one counseling sessions.

There is no charge to work with a BVCA, HUD Certified Housing Counselor.

Housing Counseling can help you create a personalized budget, improve your credit score, set realistic financial goals and help you manage your debt.

To make Housing Counseling available to those who cannot meet face-to-face, counseling sessions are offered via telephone, email, and a video chat service such as Zoom.

The Owner-Occupied Rehab program does not do just a roof or water heater. We look at your home as a whole.

The household’s gross annual income must be below 80% or 100% Area Median Income at the time of the application. Income will be verified using the household’s gross anticipated annual income.

Only owner-occupied homes are eligible for the rehab program.

The Purchase-Rehab/Lease-Purchase program allows the opportunity to apply for home ownership of a single family home within the city limits of Fairbury, NE.

Annual income must be below 120% of the Area Median Income based on family size

Have a positive rental history.

Minimum credit score of 600

Maximum total debt not to exceed 45% of total income

Rent amounts will be based upon an approximation of a monthly thirty-year mortgage payment for the property.

 If upon expiration of the 24-month lease period, the client is unable to secure financing through a mortgage lender then the lease will be terminated and the house will be sold on the open market to an income qualified buyer.

Yes, we accept Section 8 housing vouchers.

Leases are for a period of 12 months; after the first 12 months they are month-to-month.

Rent varies for each project. Please contact our office to inquire about a specific property.

Pets are permitted at certain properties. Please contact our office to inquire about a specific property.


  • Anyone who is 0-18 year old with Medicaid, no insurance, or underinsured
  • If you carry private insurance, any age can receive vaccines that we offer. BVCA will then   request payment through your insurance company. No upfront costs or co-pays required.

All state required and recommended vaccines for ages 0-18yrs of age.

Call the IAP Manager at (402) 826-2141 at extension 3. All immunizations administered by BVCA are entered into the NESIIS System. This is a statewide immunization recording software that most doctor’s offices and public health departments can access and record vaccination records.

We hold clinics in Jefferson, Fillmore, Seward, and Saline Counties each month throughout the year.

We carry most vaccines. Please visit our immunization page and contact our coordinator for more information and to schedule.


You can see all our job openings on our Careers page.

The Community Action Promise

Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

Volunteer Opportunities

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