Our Board of Directors

As a private nonprofit corporation, Blue Valley Community Action Partnership is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets eight times a year at different locations within the service area. The Board of Directors has a tripartite structure, which is a requirement for all Community Action Agencies nationwide. One third of the board represents the low-income community consumer sector), one-third represent local elected officials (public sector), and one third represent the general community (private sector).

Currently, BVCA Partnership receives funding through the federal Community Services Block Grant to serve nine Nebraska counties.

The nine counties have been divided into three regions.  Regions are designated as follows:

(a) Region I includes Butler, Polk and York Counties
(b) Region II includes Gage, Saline, and Seward Counties
(c) Region III includes Fillmore, Jefferson, and Thayer Counties.

The Board of Directors consists of six Directors from each region designated and each region has three alternate Directors.

Petitions for Representation.  A low-income individual, community organization, or religious organization, or representative of low-income individuals that considers its organization, or low-income individuals, to be inadequately represented on the Corporation’s Board of Directors may submit a petition for representation to the Board. The petition must be signed by at least twenty individuals, unless the President determines that it is appropriate to waive this requirement in a particular case.  A written statement of the Board’s action on the petition shall be provided to the petitioning individual or group (and, if required by law, regulation or government funding source policy, a copy of the statement shall be sent to the appropriate government funding source(s)).  Should it decide to provide representation to the petitioning organization or interest, the Board shall take any actions necessary to provide that representation while ensuring that the Board’s composition meets the requirements set forth in the Corporations’ bylaws.

2024 Board of Directors

View the Board of Directors meeting agenda in the event calendar details or by clicking agenda below.
Agenda Event Calendar

January 16 | Saline County
February 20 | Fillmore County
March 19 |  Seward County
April 16 | York County
May | No Meeting
June 18 | Saline County
July | No Meeting
August 20 | Fillmore County
September | No Meeting
October 15 | Seward County
November 19 | Annual Meeting—York County
December | No meeting

*View monthly agenda here or in the event calendar up to one week prior to the Board Meeting.

Board of Directors


John Culver


Jennifer Banos

Vice President

Mark Schoenrock


Liesal Hoffman


Butler, Polk & York Counties

Public Sector Representatives

Mike Boss, Polk County Commissioner
Andy Bowman, York County Commissioner
Tony Krafka, Butler County Supervisor, Alternate

Private Sector Representatives

Nancy Lee, WACO
Patrick Carraher, Legal Aid of Nebraska
Dave Dohmen, Cornerstone Bank, Alternate

Consumer Sector Representatives

Luellen Hager
Liesal Hoffman
Michelle Steckly, Alternate

Gage, Saline & Seward Counties

Public Sector Representatives

John Culver, Seward County Commissioner
Don Schuller, Gage County Supervisor
Phil Hardenburger, Saline County Commissioner, Alternate

Private Sector Representatives

Julie Johnston-Hermann, Concordia University
Luis Sotelo, Doane University
Shelby Watson, Alternate

Consumer Sector Representatives

Shannon Dohmen
Jennifer Banos
Janet Whitehurst, Alternate

Fillmore, Jefferson & Thayer

Public Sector Representatives

Marlin Bauhard, Thayer County Commissioner
Mark Schoenrock, Jefferson County Commissioner
Wade Sluka, Fillmore County Supervisor, Alternate

Private Representatives

Jeff Hammer, Bruning State Bank
Madhav Narayan, Jefferson Community Health & Life
Vacant, Alternate

Consumer Sector Representatives

Melanie Disney
Rochelle Monroe
Trevor Sloane, Alternate


Shannon Dohmen, Homeless Representative
Elana Johnson, Head Start Parents’ Representative


Michele Rayburn, Early Childhood Education Consultant

Contact us if you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors, or know of someone who may be interested in filling one of our vacancies.

The Community Action Promise

Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

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