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Rental 4-Plex apartments are two-bedroom units in Diller, Nebraska with rents below market rate but not based on applicant’s monthly income. 

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Individuals and families with household incomes below 80% of the area median income with a positive rental history and no criminal activity in the last three years are eligible. We rent to a wide range of individuals and families, aged from 18-70+.

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2 bds 1 ba - 4-plex Kelly Street, Diller City, NE 68342
Income-Based Rental Income-based Req.


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Fair Housing

Fair Housing is the right for all people to have safe, decent housing and be able to get this housing without discrimination. City, State and Federal Fair Housing Laws require that all people have an equal opportunity to buy, rent or live in housing. If you feel that you have been discriminated against in the sale or rental of property, you can file an administrative complaint within one year after the act has occurred or a private action within two years of the act. The complaint must be based on the belief that race, color, sex, religion, familial status, disability and/or National origin status was the reason for the alleged discriminatory act. Please contact the Fair Housing Center of Nebraska (800) 669-3247. Additional information can be found by visiting Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission (NEOC). This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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