Are you hoping to become a first time home owner in Fairbury, but debt, income, or credit history are holding you back? This program allows potential homeowners the opportunity to prepare for homeownership.

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About the Program

The Purchase-Rehab/Lease Purchase Program allows potential homeowners a two-year leasing window to prepare for homeownership while being provided the opportunity to save for a down payment. The approved participant will select a home that is for sale, BVCA purchases the home, provides housing rehabilitation and leases it to the participant. During the lease period (maximum two years) the participant is enrolled in the Housing Counseling Program to assist them in becoming mortgage ready. The goal of the program is to sell the home to the participant within a two year period.

We Serve

Individuals and families whose household incomes are below 120% of the area median income, who are wishing to own a home, but are unable to qualify for a first mortgage based on debt, income, or credit score.

Participant’s must have a positive rental history for the last two years, minimum credit score of 600 and total debt not to exceed 45% of total income.

Counties Served

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The Homeownership Opportunity Program provides assistance for the purchase of existing or newly constructed single-family homes. The funds are available to assist individuals and families with closing costs and down payment. 

Housing Counseling assists individuals and families in becoming mortgage ready through pre-purchase homebuyer education and one-on-one case management. 

We offer emergency repair or replacement for heating and A/C units for homeowners who qualify as low-income due to potentially hazardous conditions.

The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program provides financial assistance to repair substandard single family homes. The funds are given as conditional grants, deferred loans, or low-interest loans.

Low-income families are able to reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient through our weatherization services.

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